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As a small business, GI enjoys many of the same issues and challenges your company faces.
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About Us

Welcome to our site!

We are two experienced scientist sisters who decided to give accurate solutions to .people.
Our solid background focus in improve your actual systems and bring in your company or institution state-of-the-art technology to achieve your goals fast and accurate and compete with the higher standards in the market.

Product Development

Our team is ready to support you through every step of the process.

& Established Companies

We help you to identify common pitfalls in your project and improve the pipeline to achieve your goals sooner.

 Education & Training 

We train your team & individuals. 

Our founders

We focus on understanding a problem and generating viable solutions

Maria Gabriela Gallego Iradi, PhD.

B.Sc. Food Science
MSc. Chemical Process Engineering
PhD. Chemical Engineering

Expertise in Food Science assessment. Bsc. Science Technology, cum laude (Universidad de Oriente, Venezuela) Master Chemical Engineering, cum laude (Universidad Politecnica de Cataluna, Spain) PhD Chemical Engineering, cum laude (Universidad Politecnica de Cataluya, Spain) More than 10 years of expertise certifying companies and individuals in food handling good practices and nutrition. Insitutional and private sector educator and consultant. Researcher in innovative new product technologies.

Maria Carolina Gallego Iradi, PhD.

B Sc Marine Biology
MSc. Waste Management
PhD. Genetics and Development

More than 20 years of experience in research, teaching and consulting at several public and private institutions and companies: STANFORD (Medicine), U.S.A., UNIVERSITY of FLORIDA (Medicine), U.S.A., Universidad de Oriente. Venezuela, Ministerio de Ambiente, Venezuela, Petroleos de Venezuela, Unefa, Venezuela, private companies. Areas of expertise: biology, molecular biology, transcriptomics, neuroscience and oceanography. Bsc. Marine Biology, cum laude (Universidad de Oriente, Venezuela) Master Waste Management, cum laude (Universidad Internacional de Andalucia, Spain) PhD Genetics and Development, cum laude (Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain) Postdoctoral training (University of Florida, USA)

Your business to a next level 

• We are listeners.
• We understand your needs.
• We give you solutions.
• We build a person-to-person bridge.
• We are direct and honest.
• We are here to help you.
• We focus on quality not quantity.
• We are implementers.
• “Gold experience”, you are our treasure.

Our R+D contribution

Proudly helping to improve innovation


Our latest news

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Reversed apoptosis

Discovery by MC Gallego Iradi  H4 cells live imaging of reversed apoptosis (USA, 2016). The cell after coming back from apoptosis (programmed death) It changes morphology to another shape and[…]

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Interview M Carolina Gallego Iradi for McKnight Brain Institute, University of Florida (USA,  2019) Interview M Carolina Gallego Iradi, PhD and Dr. Philip McMillan (UK, 2019)

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Scientific achievements

One example from our captain

During my doctoral research, I was working with natural antioxidants from aromatic plants. I designed a natural biopolymer using aromatic plants to increase antioxidant and antimicrobial protection for meat food products.

The biopolymer was made from gelatine. At the beginning of the study, I couldn’t find the proper elastic consistency necessary to cover the product without breaking.

After in-depth investigation I found out that using my gelatin product together with chitosan, which improves this property, I succsessfully obtained a natural film with the appropriate elastic characteristics.

This new natural protective film was unique because its antioxidant and antimicrobial properties preserving the meat quality for longer time in natural way.

Maria Gabriela Gallego Iradi, PhD.